Q. How long will it take to sell my property to DKL PROPERTIES, INC.?

A. Contact us to request an offer and we will send it out to you in 1-2 weeks. After we mail the offer to you and you accept it, we order a copy of the deed where you took title to the property. This takes another 1-2 weeks, but if you can provide us with a copy of the deed we will be able to send you your paperwork in just a few days. We send you check just a few days after receiving the signed and notarized deed back from you.

Q: Why should I sell my land?

A: We realize that sometimes LAND is not as liquid as people would like. In other words, it may be difficult to sell your land when you really need to. We have found that many people own land, but for some reason, in many cases, they just don't use it. Maybe it was to build on, or simply just to own it for the future. Whatever the reason, if you are not utilizing your land, it can become costly to hold. Property taxes, Association Fees, Assessments etc. can be a financial drain on an unutilized or underutilized property.

Q: How and when will I receive my money?

A: You'll receive it directly from escrow proceeds, at the close of escrow. Your transaction may be handled by a National Title Company.

Q: Who pays for the costs associated with this transaction?

A: We pay for all the closing costs. There are no sale costs to you of any type! The amount of our offer is the "Net Amount" you will receive!

Q: How did you get my name?

A: From ownership records, which are kept by each county.

Q: How long does it take to close and get my money?

A: It should take no more than 30 to 45 days.

Q: Why do you want to buy my land?

A: We are currently building up a "Land Bank" and hope to sell your property, sometime in the future.

Q. What costs are involved in selling my property?

A. YOU PAY NO COSTS OR FEES WHATSOEVER for selling your land to us. We pay all of the fees, costs and expenses
for the transfer of title.

Q. What if I don't have my original deed?

A. No problem. You don't need your original deed to sell your property, as long as the deed was recorded with the County Clerk when you purchased the land.

Q. What if I owe money on the property?

A. If you owe money on the property we will need to look carefully at your individual situation. Be sure to mention this to us, either on the online form, or when you call us, so we can do the extra research necessary on your parcel.

Q. I inherited the property. Will you still buy the land from me?

A. Yes, we will purchase the land from you if you inherited it. Even if the documentation, transferring the property to your name has not been recorded, we can still purchase your land.

Q. Your offer seems on the low side. Why is that?

A: Any offer we make is a net offer, we pay all the transfer, closing, and recording fees. We also don't charge any commissions. Also, you will receive your proceeds in a very timely fashion….

Q. Will the sale be closed in escrow?

A. Sometimes, it depends on the situation. We often handle the closing ourselves, which saves you time and we are able to make you a higher offer. Click Here to Fill Out our Online Form and Receive Your Offer!!

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